Don’t try to give light to the past. We can’t resurrect or return to wasted opportunities since they come with no guarantees. We can only attend their funeral but can’t exhaust ourselves at their tombstones because we can’t raise what’s gone and the days continually move ahead.

We have to move forward while learning from the decisions we’ve made and especially those we failed to make on our path to the present. It starts with the natural first step in the proper direction sprinkled with hope and self-assurance for what we can visualize.

The earth spins on an axis but people are not meant to. Moving continually to the right or left leads us to drifting in circles and back to where we started from with no progress. We need to walk on or near our center and if unsure, trust your instincts. Don’t feel betrayed because you can’t see your destination because there will be multiple signs of simple basic elegance that will confirm that we are on the right path.

A simple starting point in recognizing opportunities: Give a smile or hug to those who need them. Say “I love you” or give a kiss to those who deserve them. Laugh or shed a tear without embarrassment if you are genuinely moved. Pay attention when the situation requires you to do so.

Put this into practice and I believe that less will pass unnoticed and more importantly, you will react accordingly and leave your imprint on the past and present, and then close in on your chosen destination.