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“Do something with your life!” Beginning of the song “American Dream”.

As I’ve said before, do not believe anyone who uses the phrases “life’s not fair” or “leaving it in the hands of fate” to justify their actions or inactions, and don’t you use it as an excuse for the results of yours. Life in and of itself is blind and thereby has no favorites nor does it seek out individuals to punish so neither life nor fate is an overwhelming predator that seeks to alter or destroy the path of our existence. In addition, God may have a yet unknown plan for us but I’m pretty certain it’s not one initially tainted with vengeance or misery, and I’m even more certain He allows us room to determine a plan not only for ourselves but in some ways for others.

So then what is not fair and the cause? People are not fair to others, themselves, or their surroundings. Circumstances and situations do not always present themselves as fair but so what – improvise, adapt, and overcome!

People blame where, how, and to whom they were born as the default response to why success or goals were unattainable. If that’s true, then how come the most inspirational stories begin with “he/she came from (fill in the blank) and/or challenge of (fill in the blank) and overcame them to achieve (fill in the blank)? How can we justify our inability to overcome significantly less obstacles when there is so much evidence to the contrary that it can be done?

I’m sorry but life and fate are not an excuse for lack of determination, commitment, effort, and procrastination. If that’s your reasoning, get used to bearing witness to those passing you by while you dwell on being the perceived victim of life and fate, and punctuate it by advertising as a figurative martyr on a cross.

Bottom line is that life is fair because you have the opportunity to live it dictated by your control of its impact on yourself, those around you, your surroundings, and thus change all the relevant circumstances. Alter your fate or surrender to someone else’s. Strive so that you feel great about: yourself, what you’ve done for yourself and others, how you’re appreciated by others, and how you feel about living your life. Now do something with your life!