(Written in 8th grade about his paternal grandparents)

Part of Me

The two I never knew…

Stories and stories and stories

Of the grandparents I never knew

They passed before I was born

Yet throughout my life they have

Remained with me in different forms


They have held onto me like Velcro

Never letting go

They have stayed inside me guiding

Me through my troubles

They are my Guardian Angels


The good person within me comes from them

If only, if only, I could have met her or him

Stories and pictures and stories can only

Help me love them from afar, but

Stories will not help me know who they truly are


They have watched me my whole life

From above, always peering over my shoulder

Waiting for life to knock me down

So they can be here to pick me up


They have come down from the heavens

Only a few times

So I can see Angel faces

That look so peaceful and kind


Sometimes I see them walking by me

They glide with such grace

As well as the most caring look on their face

When I peer into their long-lived eyes

I hear angels sing and feel a burning in my heart…


A burning so deep and strong

To meet them for just one minute

To hear my grandmother’s sweet voice

To shake hands with my grandfather

Who was a better man than I’ll ever be


I live my life hoping to make them proud

They are the voice inside my head

Helping me to do the right thing

I feel a connection when I wear his ring


Stories and stories and stories

Will never bring them back

But the stories just remind me that

They are always watching over my back