“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

I am sometimes insulted when people assume that your accomplishments are a result of some divine intervention that somehow ignored others to justify their own lack of success. Behind the spotlight, you both have not only felt an enormous amount of passion for baseball but coupled that with an immeasurable amount of effort, dedication, commitment, drive, and sacrifice to generally satisfy your expectations to date. Of course you foresee greater improvement in the future that will mirror your drive for the goals you have laid and will lay out in front of you. Again this is not an accident but a process that has been an investment almost since you picked up a toy bat and ball and God love your ability to not only embrace it but interact with it as a part of your life and act of living under His sight.

Now here is the dilemma and turning point for both of you, especially for you J. Youth baseball is pretty much over. Your aspirations require an evolution in your approach as you move forward and it applies to all things as well as baseball. You are still young but as you are now in your teenage years, you are no longer children other than in the comfort of mom’s and my eyes and our infinite love and protection.

You argue that you are growing up so in doing so, you have to be willing to accept that you have to act accordingly because opportunities available during your youth are not endless through adulthood. I think it’s becoming apparent to Jason while visiting colleges that his future is no longer abstract open to interpretation. It is on the horizon to be welcomed by the sun rising with you, and setting with you rather than behind you.

I read another quote by Abraham Lincoln. “Some see opportunities in every obstacle, while others see obstacles in every opportunity.” Really let the quote set in because I wish I had someone like me when I was younger because there were significant events in my life that I could have used that guidance. I just took action when none was needed and did nothing when so much more should have been done. How much sooner would accomplishments have occurred but then again, I might never have met your mom and then I wouldn’t be writing this to you. We will save that concept for another day.

This is kind of long but let it really register. There are really few accidents that can’t be explained by choices we make or don’t make. I don’t envy being young and having to figure the following out because you lack context and experience: Recognize that what you want may not be what you need. Recognize that what you need is not always want you want. Make sure that those things and people in your life are able to help give you what you need and want in YOUR life and not unwilling to accept the two because of a desire to control or distract you from them.

Picture where you plan to be, stay within the boundaries of that plan and it shall be so! There are no shortcuts and you can’t streamline or delay the process. Greatness is no accident!

Enjoy your youth and I pray you stay young in heart, mind, and soul, but you will unavoidably have to act in serious accordance with your age for serious things!

Get it (you better)? Got it (hope so)? Good!