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“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

This is simple and logical but let’s revisit some essential thoughts I’ve shared in the past.

We own all the choices we make and as a consequence, the results of those choices. Fault may be apportioned elsewhere for denial’s sake but ultimately we have to accept that the final distribution ultimately leads back to us.

Next point is that we have to approach choices with something I wrote before. When faced with a situation calling for a decision, the obvious yes or no answer is likely the correct one. When having to pause and try to justify an answer contrary to your basic instincts, then that’s probably the wrong answer. You have been raised with a foundation consisting of the knowledge to know which choices are best for you and then, for those closest to you.

Something that I recognize is that we do not exist in a bubble with other people and things having a proportional impact on our lives. This is the fantastic part of our existence and the opportunity to share the best part of ourselves with the best part of others. There are those that will present you with choices and for those close to you, those options should generally not be intended to induce you to stray from the center of your intended journey. If they continue to do so, my suggestion is to tell them firmly to STOP IT! If they continue to do so, then the question is whether their interests reflect less a concern for what you need for the objectives you want, or more for self-absorbed requirements of theirs.

The goal is to surround ourselves with individuals who help us to feel better about ourselves. In addition they give us the support that assists us in getting closer to not only what we envision for ourselves but possibly beyond that! I implore you to factor these elements as part of your evaluation for long-term relationships with those who you foresee as part of your journey. Please allow your family a great deal of latitude, in particular your parents. Our interests are directed toward your lifelong best interests. I guess some of the translation is lost as a consequence of our lengthy interaction with each other as the development of your individuality becomes more defined. Just be wary of the need to defend that individuality for no other reason than blind rebellion since it can be perfected with our guidance.

Now the part applies to mom and me. Our response to your mistakes is critical to your learning curve. We have to rise above natural human reactions to help you grow from mistakes. Little attention should be given to the cause, blame, or lecture since that is fairly obvious after the fact. What’s required is calm and focus on the solution and a concerted effort to reduce chaos and drama. Since the obvious lessons should be apparent, our role is to point out the more expansive effects of your dilemma and point out ways to avoid them in the future. Again, I KNOW MORE THAN YOU DO, but I don’t have to feel so right just to bury you in how wrong you are or can be.

Jason you have a lot going on right now and feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m not going to marginalize it by comparing it to something that might seem more important to me because it still feels the same way. Slow down, step back, analyze your priorities, and listen to coach Butcher for the Angels. “When you hold all that tension in your body, you lose clarity of what you’re thinking, you lose vision of what you’re seeing, and you can’t finish pitches off. When you able to relax and breathe, you can take a lot of things in. Tension is a form of stress. It will cause you to rush things.”

When you have things to deal with or do, deal with them and do them right away with a purpose because PROCRASTINATION LEADS TO PREOCCUPATION, DISTRACTION, DISRUPTION, FRUSTRATION, and DESTRUCTION if not promptly addressed. Know that we are all on the same page and not just here for you but here with you along the way.