Abraham Lincoln once said: “I may be a slow walker but I never walk backwards.” I guess this is kind of appropriate for the end of the school year.

Starting today you both are faced with the beginning of a year full of choices which will color the pages of how your future is painted. Most of those choices will be obvious and some will be more complex and harder to answer. Try to make the best ones so that you don’t stray far from the path to your immediate and future goals. You will find that you will minimize the tragic heartbreak to yourself and loved ones that only catastrophic mistakes create. Don’t be cobbled by random adversity and don’t linger too long on the present because it quickly dissolves into a past that is not open to alteration and useful only for memories and education. Look ahead and move forward because playing from behind leads to having to swing for the fences and infrequent victories.

I wish nothing but the best for you now and in the future. Your families are the constant when you get lost and they will always guide you home but do your best to control and define your journey and I’ll one day say with pride “I knew them when!” Enjoy the summer “Boys” and the next steps into the future!