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image Photo by Marlena Groomer


“The biggest risk is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks.” – Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder)

There are two types of people I don’t understand.  The first are those that fail to do ANYTHING because they’re convinced that by doing SOMETHING, they risk the unlikelihood of the worst possible results regardless of the likelihood of the best possible outcomes.  Other than in extreme situations such as failing to get out of the path of a moving vehicle or unhealthy physical or emotional addictions, the odds are generally in your favor.  This is more so true during the evolution of your youth when time is more available to maximize the transference of dreams to reality if you exercise the proper amount of risks verses rewards application.

The second are those individuals that fail to do something because of the misguided belief that nothing will happen.  Really???  How will you ever know if you don’t risk something to gain something, and even in the remote chance that “nothing” happens, what have you really lost?  At least you’ll know, and more importantly you’ll find whether it was the quality of the effort that led to the lack of results.  More importantly, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with the anticipated results and more magically amazed at what occurs beyond your expectations.  You are not experienced or know enough to measure how people and circumstances react by simply taking some form of action on your behalf which by the way is the one thing you can control.

The news gives us hourly examples of the violence, disease, hunger, and suffering that exists in our world and I am neither entertained or fascinated by it.  However I do generate a great deal of sympathy for those caught in the crosshairs of all of those tragedies and inspiration in those that overcome them.

I really have a great amount of sympathy for those who want to be “chicken little” and walk around predicting the sky is falling, or those who view weather changes as a precursor to the next “big” catastrophic event.  I’m sure it can be quite a solitary existence to walk through a pasture of negativity having only to show for their efforts the cow excrement on the bottom of their shoes after all those journeys.  What is more baffling is the morbid satisfaction they feel in the rare moments that their dire predictions come true.  Such a sad existence when you think of all the opportunities in life that are missed or ignored by this consistent way of thinking!  How right can they feel being wrong so much?  So, so sad!

Things happen for a reason but there are few good things that happen for no reason.  I cannot stand the phrase “it was meant to be” because it undervalues our contribution and production of the required efforts.  Moreover “fate” does not apply when it’s used to justify our poor choices and efforts or worse, our lack of decisiveness and action.

If you weren’t my children, I would at a maximum give you empathy but would avoid your admission into my world as it exists now.  However since you are my sons (you too Coley), my roots and experience won’t allow that!  My duty as your father and obligations to my parents’ name just won’t allow it though you needlessly and stubbornly test my patience and “unwavering” support.

So stop the mindless crap you’re doing and “get your mind right” to do the things that need to be done NOW!  You older boys are getting ready to go to college and join the workforce in some manner.  Do you think college recruiters, scouts, and future employers give a damn about how many friends, followers, and likes you have on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook unless it’s Mark Zuckerberg!  Every minute you spend texting people while not communicating with the people who can alter your future is one more minute lost and possibly replaced by someone else’s efforts.  Most of the things that you need to do only take a few minutes anyways so how hard is it to to invest in that time for something you’d love to have happen for you?!?!?

I’m older so maybe you might think I have a right (I don’t) to bitch and be negative about the dreams that weren’t fulfilled.  “F” no!  They just changed shape or were replaced by others that came true.  Why is the guy who tested life’s boundaries a year ago and had to battle through the most difficult challenges on his own having to yell at and preach to you?  I’d prefer not to scream because the message gets lost in the volume, and it upsets my own sense of harmony and rhythm.

Do not be swayed by those who defuse youthful optimism and positivity behind the costume of being “realistic”, “practical”, and “sensible” since it generally an attempt to mask their past shortcomings or lack of appreciation of the dreams you can achieve.

You are gifted but should not be waiting for “gifts”.  Rather you should be doing something to earn “rewards” from what you can achieve if you really do more than just want it.  Stop procrastinating and the “overthinking” about things you do not have the ability or knowledge to predict.  Just take a risk and “roll the dice”.  Trust me, the best things in this life happen not through accident, luck, or fate!  Each thing you see for yourself can happen if YOU start by taking a step or two in that direction.  Your parents really get tired of pushing you and we really shouldn’t have to!  Multiply all your competitive juices and maximize potential greatness by taking the simplest risks.  Failure is not knowing had you just tried!