Photo submitted by Marlena Groomer


“Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change.  Kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything and have no regrets.  Life’s too short to be anything but happy.”

— Unknown

I don’t think I have to elaborate much beyond the contents of the quotation above.  However I will include something I wrote awhile back.

“Find the best in you, maintain it for as long as you are able, channel it towards the best available to you, and discover that which was once beyond your horizon.  It’s funny (maybe not so funny) but since my injury, I have felt that way more frequently and I feel sometimes guilty for the amount of undefinable happiness I feel. I do see more than what I should have imagined before and though I may share it in odd ways, at least I share and rest assured it is genuine.  That’s the bottom line I guess.  Find the path to feel the best about yourself, embrace and cherish it, use it, share it, and then you’ll feel good just about almost everything large and small.  We can only give to others based on what we reserve and allow to give to ourselves.”

With all that in mind and after you find that particular baseline, don’t hesitate, don’t think so much, and do it all to the best of your capabilities and with all at your disposal at the time, because the return on your investment will be abundantly in your favor and those around you.  Have a good day(s).