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(Photo Contributed By Marlena Groomer)


“Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.” – Euripides

This is kind of extreme in translation but the message should resonate for those of any age.  Any of us who can measure the progress of today is still young enough to make the simplest and greatest changes that will benefit not only that day but expand our hopes for the next ones.

Prime example: one year ago today, I went down literally and figuratively from a life threatening, and ultimately life changing, injury with little more than a still beating heart to measure from that day forward.  It was not a noble or enviable position to be in at 51 “years young”, But I had several choices.  The first was to say “enough is enough” and what I’d done up to that point had been all I was ever going to do.  Another was to say that I’ve had “enough of it all” and just leave it to God and “fate” to sort it out.  Or maybe keep praying to God, asking Him to solve everything with little or no input of my own.  Finally, I said I had “enough of this” and instead of praying to God, I became a “god” of all my dreams and did well more than enough to make most of them come true and working on newer ones created every day!

Just because you fail to recognize the start of a moment of life’s simple elegance does not preclude you from joining and being part of it.  As a result that moment becomes a part of you, shaped by your own unique contributions.  We cannot predict or measure the worth of any situation unless we join it at any time and the value of our return is reflected by the amount of our involvement.

My personal journey has been improved by doing many things but the simplest are as follows.  Never betray my existence by ignoring the obvious beauty in my everyday life.  Never ignore the opportunity to acknowledge the obvious and subtle offerings of those that are parts of my life, even if they are part of it momentarily.  Share the best part of me even when I may not be feeling the best about myself because it gets me closer to where I want and need to be.  I understand that what I have is really more than what I need and that what I have within me is enough to obtain what I’m entitled to.

Finally, good things still happen to “bad” people.  Also bad things eventually happen to all people (good or bad) without rhyme, reason, sequence, or continuity.  If karma exists, then get to it first instead of letting it find you. Young or old, please accept what I’ve discovered – everyday I’ve been on this planet I’ve been living so many dreams and every dream that faded in the past is because I didn’t do enough to keep them alive.  For every day I’m alive now, I’m still creating additional dreams which cannot be extinguished without anything less than all I can do to make them come true as well as keep alive the ones that have been fulfilled for the sake of myself and those around me.

I thank God for: allowing me to rediscover who I am during the last year to get to where I needed to be, who you guys are for meaning so much to me, and that looking up from the bottom actually was where I needed to be to see how high I could climb.

Thank you!