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(Photo Contributed By Marlena Groomer)


There are times when we get lost in where we think we need to be based on an imperfect perception of how life is manifesting itself.  However some of the most perfect moments are those that present themselves after we slow down, emotionally and mentally, long enough to understand that where we’re at and who may be there with us is precisely the location where we need to be because anywhere else would rob of us of something of intangible and indefinable importance.  I can’t describe exactly what to look for so that those moments are more easily identifiable but for me, I guess I just know by how it feels.  I pray that we are on alert enough so that we don’t miss too many of those occasions and that when recognized, we savor them with all levels of our comprehension because from my experience, they just don’t happen f’ing enough.  – Joe Dicochea