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Jason because I’m your Dad I’m going to ask you to do the following when you make mistakes which will serve to provide me with the greatest gift:  Don’t be so hard on yourself and stop beating yourself up over things that are more a product of the circumstance, those which are out of your control, or just a result of you being human!  Basically whatever issues you’re thinking about with respect to any relationship you may have with any person will eventually resolve themselves over time with the greatest results arrising from the best you can do and provide for that which are under your control.  People are funny sometimes in not only how they respond to our actions or words, but also how we view or perseve them through our own eyes, expectations, and predictions.

In particular with respect to relationships when the other person may respond in ways that seem way out of proportion to what we’ve done, said, or the situation in question but here’s where compassion should rise to the forefront of our emotions and mindset instead of raising our level of frustration, anger, or stubbornly clinging to our defenses in return.  If someone ends up doing something that hurts you, consider that it’s because she’s heart and not thinking correctly because of her own pain or despair. Please steady yourself in the belief of who you pride yourself in being based on how you were raised and your character and although it’s difficult to do so at this stage of your life, there’s little benefit about giving an amount of overemphasis about what others may think of you because that’s their character, not yours, and what one does to insensitively hurt you is a greater reflection of them, not you.  We’re human, we sometimes make poor choices, say the wrong things, forget about the impact of what we do, etc., – who doesn’t at any age and you see it everywhere from those you’d never expect?

You can’t predict or project how some issues will resolve themselves until they run their course but in the end, you will be better by what is revealed about yourself, the other person, and some clarity about what you mean or maybe don’t mean to each other.  Unfortunately you have to weather the storm before the clouds begin to clear and the sun starts to peak out from behind them and it serves no purpose to engage in unhealthy self-deprivation that makes you question your worth when you mean so much to so many who know you for the person you are, and most importantly me!

Nothing matters other than what’s right in front of you, my child, and don’t let your confidence unravel because you unnecessarily beat yourself up over things that don’t deserve it and frankly, few come to mind that arise to that level.  It’s certainly understandable and even healthy if you get a little pissed off, angry, or whatever you need to do to keep you from internalizing the unbearable weight of feelings to the extent it chips away at your mental and emotional infrastructure.  Be kind to yourself son and do whatever is required to keep you focused on the most important tasks at hand.

Remember that their are no “Dico”  victims or martyrs.  Look where you are at today.  Not everyone has the opportunities that you’ve taken advantage of, the ones you’ve created, and the ones that lie ahead of you.  Today requires the best in you, and so will every tomorrow too as you strive to achieve all the important goals you’ve laid out for yourself.  Come on!  As far as relationships go, most of the time the worst byproduct of unfortunate times are hurt feelings and fractured hearts and in time, they will heal – trust me on this one!  I will feel bad for you when those time present themselves and you’ll always have my support but it’s difficult to generate real sympathy under most of those circumstances because that’s better reserved for those who are poor, hungry, etc., don’t you think?

You are Jason “f’ing” Dicochea as I’ve told you before so many times to build you up and a model of excellence on so many levels but you’re not perfect and no one expects you to be!  So bless my life as a father by being kind to yourself during the most difficult times and don’t be so hard on yourself because of an impossible level of perfection that you don’t have to meet.  If it gets too hard to accomplish it, you know how to find me and you can count on me to set you straight because I’m lucky enough to be your dad and I love you!  Thanks in advance kid.