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(Just After Sunrise In Malibu)


“People must feel that the natural world is important and valuable and beautiful and wonderful and an amazement and a pleasure.” – David Attenborough

Unless you guys don’t know who the author of this quote is, you’re probably more familiar with him as the owner of the dinosaur island in “Jurassic Park”.  He also was a highly acclaimed English actor and Oscar-winning director of the movie, “Gandhi”.

No matter how we feel as we wake up in the morning, I’ve learned and recently was reminded by my good friend Brett, that it’s best to approach each day as we are introduced to the 1,440 minutes that lie ahead of us of the following:  Today is either going to be a great day or a great learning experience!

I mean, that approach seems to serve (at least to me) to give an understanding I need to cling on to so that we never underestimate the importance of each day that we are blessed enough to live.  There is no justification to not adventure outside our comfort zones, unrestricted by fear, to explore the “greatness” that will be revealed to ourselves either during the precise “great” moment(s) or at the end of the day or at some point thereafter upon quiet reflection and please, take the time to reflect upon it, because what we don’t learn from just might end up the next time around not so “great”.  With my age and a considerable amount of hindsight, I know what the “F” I’m talking about through a lot of trial and probably too many errors.  Trust me on this one and I’ve changed my outlook, either out of awareness and/or desperation, more optimistically over time to considerably change most aspects of my life for something so much for the better from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

I’ll end with a passage I wrote awhile back that profoundly resonates more today than when I first wrote it with a greater understanding of my daily existence.  “Let me begin with this genuine assessment of my 52 years on this planet. I have had a GREAT life!  Has every day been great?  Of course not nor were they supposed to be!  Have I always lived or decided well?  Nope!  Has everything gone just the way I dreamt or hoped it would be?  Maybe I thought it would when I was younger but now I know that my actions or lack of actions played a big part in that – still I’ve achieved a lot.  So, would I change anything?  NOT REALLY!  Why?  First, my life is a product of my creation so I own it!  Second, I can’t!”

I’m not preaching or trying to give you personal advice because I’m not a priest or therapist.  All I ask is that you give it some thought, consideration, and a chance.  Catch you later and I’ll see you when I see you, God willing!  Cheers to the greatness of each day by how it turns out and what it will reveal to us.