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(Sun Coming Over Ocean In Malibu)


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
— Pablo Picasso

It’s funny but when I first read this, I instinctively associated it with atypical, untried ventures, or grand “bucket list” type objectives.  Then I gave it a little more thought (since I have the time) and reconfigured my thinking.

However we want to perceive it, we wake up each morning to a new day.  Even though it seems initially similar in performers, arrangement, appearance, sequence, and propensities, it seems that each rotation of the earth provides an introduction to a distinct mix of sights, experiences, relationships, acquisitions, etc., that can be newly accepted and appreciated specifically and individually by each of us.  Despite certain similarities, no two people’s lives are or remain the same.  In that regard, we do not have to be disciples or devotees because we have been accorded the power to dictate our personal existence and don’t have to be continuously limited by external expectations or demands.

We can anticipate that we will encounter challenges, obstacles, or opportunities regardless of how we wish to perceive each encounter.  Depending on what we invest in each day, we’ll gain a further understanding of what we already or mistakenly thought we knew.  With that measure of recognition, it can turn out to be a remarkable advancement of our being from the previous day.  That’s a really cool concept because even if we take a little from our daily experiences, it adds up over time to a extraordinary amount of growth assuming our priorities and values are sound.

I just have to believe that we can contribute or take something from each day whether it be from what we achieve, obtain, or are provided with if we’ve developed an awareness of those things that we too frequently view as insignificant or inconsequential.  From the moment we are born, we are faced with an abundance of situations around us to legitimize the countless hours we’ve been given on this planet.  We won’t always remember every hour of every day but anything memorable for any period of time is still a considerable accomplishment!

One more thing to remember is that setbacks are part of almost every great endeavor and not meant to invite final surrender.  Even when things seem lost or taken from us, it’s replaced oftentimes with something better depending on the actual relevance of what was lost.  Call it “addition through subtraction”, although that may be a too simple an adage.  In my life, as a passionate and sensitive person, I’ve suffered to varying extents through every loss.  However, I’ve learned through reflection that I was stronger, more resilient, and surprisingly more hopeful because with each new day, so many meaningful things have been introduced and revealed that encourage me to live beyond such suffering.  I guess that our lives are just destined to undergo multiple makeovers the more we inevitably have to undergo.

A couple things come to mind as I think about this philosophy.  The first is a quotation stating that “if it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Most importantly, don’t continue to try in the manner that failed you.  Try better, fail better, get closer, try better again.  Just please, don’t give up!

The second is a scene from a movie J and C are familiar with – “Three O’Clock High”. In the scene, a kid is challenged by the school bully to a fight and the kid being too intimidated to fight, pays the bully off to avoid a beating he assumed woul occur.  After taking the money the bully asks a stinging question, not so much as a taunt but more out of a lack of understanding.  “You didn’t even try. How does that feel?”  I guess to some, not trying and thus not knowing may seem the most convenient approach when faced with a difficult challenge or problem.  I’m sure there have been periods in my life that ignorance was a temporary sort of bliss.  However what was hidden eventually snuck up on me and all I was doing was postponing the inevitable after more was invested and consequently, more lost.  For me, I just can’t see myself controlled by uncertainty and the unknown when I can have the opportunity to manage what I discover and use it to my advantage to overcome the inevitable difficulties and obstacles that come my way.  If this is truly my life, then I’m better served to control its direction with the reasonable amount of information that is available to me.

So we have 1,440 minutes each day which sounds like a lot because it is.  Hard to argue that it really is more than enough time to do something that continues to give our lives meaning which can carry over to the next 1,440 minutes.  I just have to remind myself to avoid dwelling in the isolation of my own greater expectations and demands and import, with a heightened awareness, the simpler and uncomplicated opportunities presented by the frequently unnoticed people and circumstances that pop up each day.  The former may have a considerable and discernible result but the latter, added up, offers a substantial and more frequent amount of influence.  I recommend that we continue to dream of extraordinary things but maybe keep our eyes open for the barely discernible gifts bestowed upon us because they can be more easily located in those 1,440 minutes.  It might take a simple modification of our mindset but can’t see why not if it helps, you know?

I’ll end (finally) with this quote because it just seems like there’s more value to this mindset. “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”  Joe Dicochea