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(Cooperstown 2014)


Today I thought I’d leave you each with this thought (and even anyone I care about, even if it arises from one moment).  Sometimes I know or intuitively sense that there are those times that you feel like you are carrying too much of a burden beyond your control or even power that it may lead you to doubt your worth in this particular existence.  DON’T EVER DO THAT and these are the most important reasons why.

First, you are valuable to me if only because it alows me the gift of being kind to those I cherish who deserve and may need it when those times rise up and overwhelm them and trust me, I embrace those opportunities to be there with you.   Second, you give me the gift of sharing who YOU are in how I view you beyond how you may see yourselves at those times and that improves who I am.   Finally, refer again to the first two if you need to measure the quality of your life now or at any moment.

The foregoing are decent foundations to start from and know that by virtue of what I strive for in my own life, I will be there to help carry whatever weighs you down until it is lifted.  Also it’s important to remember that one day you’ll likely be asked to do the same for someone else and it is my hope and belief that you’ll willingly do the same because not only do I expect it from you, your humanity requires it because of who you understand yourselves to be so don’t disappoint, okay?  It’s just the “Dico” way!