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(Photo Contributed By Jason Dicochea – created a long time ago)

“The little things?  The little moments?  They aren’t little.” -John Zabat-Zinn

You know, I think God created baseball for me, you guys, and even Mom, to escape the distractions outside of the ballpark for a few hours.  Maybe it’s hard to see and understand at this early stage of your lives what a gift you have been provided but it’s certainly not lost on me as your father and a crazy disciple of this sport because of  what it has taught and revealed to me throughout my life and now yours through what I share and that which you learn on your own.

All I ask (and maybe demand) is that you honor His gift by focusing and putting on display all He has blessed you with along with all the love, spirituality, and work you’ve put into this game.   And while you are doing so, remember to slow down at the appropriate time to absorb this privilege and feel how blessed you are to be where you are at, who is with you, and who brought you there.   It’s the best place to be at that moment regardless of what is swirling around in the outside world, and it’s existentially almost like being on your own planet in the universe when it feels absolutely right.

It’s imperative that you never take it for granted which by watching you, I am fairly certain that you won’t.  Play HUGE each day you are on a ball field with passion and conviction because that is who you are – Jason and Christian f’ing Dicochea!!!!  And you know what, you can be certain that Mom and I get a kick about the fact that this is exactly who you are, get to bear witness to it, and just take it all in from wherever we get to watch it from.