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“Mother” is the name for “God” on the lips and in the minds of all children. – The Crow.

You know it’s been 22 years since I’ve had anything resembling a moment like this with my mom in this picture from my college graduation, and destiny didn’t permit her to live long enough to make it to my law school graduation – yes as I’ve written before, I still f’ing hate cancer!

With that said and as I sit here on this day, I still sense her permeating through the best of everything that I, Deb, and my sons do on a daily basis in our thoughts, actions, and words, along with what we accomplish in life for ourselves, and by extension how we treat others on the smallest to even grander scales.  So how can I be sad on this day because from all that, she has never really left me alone here; and most importantly, she would not allow it as “Mama Dico”.

On her behalf, I wish for all moms out there on this special day that they have a Happy Mothers Day!

Joe Dico