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(June 4, 2016 – Moments From Redondo High School Baseball’s Championship – God Of Their Own Dreams)


In the place of praying to The Lord to fulfill your dreams, act like your own “god” to see them through to completion.  You have been gifted by and through Him so do more of the work for yourself than ask Him to do more of the work that you want Him to do for you!

You should rejoice in life by being “comets” racing through the sky rather than be imprisoned as mortal stargazers left only to witness from earthly confines.  Speed unhindered around the ever expanding boundaries of the galaxy and return with the dust of the multiple particles of the universe that your journeys have traveled through.  Fret not over the uncertainty of that which you may not foresee, and escape with dedication the servitude of self-doubt and hesitation.  Waste not one heartbeat, squander one minute, nor dismiss one moment, until you have left your mark on the path of your celestial orbits.  If passing a star within your grasp, reach out and grab it rather than wait for God to hand it to you!

If only I could travel with you but I have already unveiled the treasures from my similar youthful journeys with only slight regret over the offerings never appreciated or accepted.  I only pray those endowments never be sacrificed nor extinguished through your lack of awareness, or your eyes be led astray by distractions for only you can be the “god” of your dreams.  I will faithfully wait here for your orbital return anticipating the wealth of the colors and fires of your comet as it eclipses the surrounding sky and be mesmerized by its view.

Display this love of your youth through the breadth of infinite galaxies you shall explore and the discovery of their once hidden mysteries.  Remember you shall one day exit them and in time, your ability to uncover more will be antiquated so until that time, serve as the “god” of your dreams so the Lord can serve those less fortunate than you!