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(Our dog “Dico” with his new favorite reading material, ha ha)

I have been blessed and privileged to announce the formal launch and publication for worldwide distribution by Peaceful Daily, Inc., of my first book titled “So Now I Have Today…” that is now available on:

The book is a compilation and collection of what I consider to be my most meaningful writings from my website “joedicospeaks.com” which have been edited and organized by category in a more concise and reader-friendly manner.

It is important to point out that I never began writing with the intention of a book in mind.  To those familiar with my story, it was essentially to enhance my limited cognitive skills during my recovery from a traumatic brain injury that I sustained in October, 2013, and also to share thoughts and insight with my sons from a enlightened perspective about life after their father was almost taken from them by that injury and subsequent complications.  The background behind the events leading to this story is more detailed in the “Intro To The Writer” at the top of my websites’ homepage and in the beginning pages of my book.

The chapters of the book are divided under the categories of Hope, Gratitude, Finding Happiness, Kindness, Looking Forward, Reflection, Confessional, and even Baseball Equals Life, since that sport has been part of my children’s upbringing and is part of the family dynamics (the oldest moves on to play at a D1 university next year with the younger likely to follow) and they continue to see the correlation between both.

The observations in this book, as relayed to my family and later to others as the message grew, was by no means created and intended to provide hard-written advice but are merely offerings to be considered from what I either rediscovered or were revealed to me once I was forced to slow down and simplify my life after the falls that led to my injury.  I eschew nothing but thoughts of optimism, faith, selflessness, gratitude, and compassion, all of which form the center of my existence and it is my utmost hope that those who search for and/or share in these ideals will find some meaning in what I have shared and hopefully, pass it on to others.

Again, I am blessed by this development and I thank not only those that have been kind enough to peruse my site but also those in the future who will entertain what is now a formal legacy for my family to one day share with the generations that follow.

Thank you from the bottom of my soul and heart!!!!

Joe “Dico” Dicochea