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“Often in life, the most important question we can ask ourselves is:  do we really have the problem we think we have?” – Sheri Fink

Boys, I want to share something with you to remember and hopefully incorporate into your mindset through those daunting times which will undoubtedly arise in your lives  and may lead you to the fringes of despair.

Be honest with those deeply rooted “feelings” that trouble and can confuse you so that you find a way to constructively address, express, and release them in order to understand what led to their causes so that better steps can be taken to avoid them in the future.

However, do not allow yourselves to be susceptible or vulnerable to impulsively submit to all of your “emotions” because they can change in an instant and consequently, they are not always as reliable for you to trust as often as you might anticipate.

Give it some thought because in the end, your understanding of the differences between both will lead you towards a profoundly better destination, rather than being led down unpromising paths because of an inability to make distinctions between the precise impact and value of the two.