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“Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.” – Orison Swett Marden

You know my remarkable children of  unlimited promise, my good Lord blessed my prayers with the birth of two healthy sons who’ve grown within the brilliance of the drawings I created in my mind and heart and then so much more beyond that.  Then on top of that, He answered your prayers by giving you a life of opportunities that you’ve discovered and captured.  He’s now left it to you to answer many of the prayers and beliefs for yourself that you have faith in because as one would assume, He’s fairly occupied with more serious matters that confound our world.

Remember my quote: “Be the god of your own dreams” and produce the answers and results you want, even if it means taking chances out of your comfort zone.  Why?  Because God is now waiting and relying on you to take your own actions to reward His faith in you, my children, and average efforts only produce average results (if any at all). Upon reflection, I really do wish I understood that In my youth but then again, I either didn’t have someone from where I stand today to enlighten me to those things that I’ve afforded you to consider, or did not listen when I should have and give it the attention it deserved when it was relayed to me.

You need to understand that you can control the momentum, pace, and direction of your own fate within the design of His supreme, yet undiscovered, plan He has for you.  So, be diligent and determined in your efforts so you reveal all the best that may be in store for you because as I see it, God is waiting on you, not the other way around.  Make us both proud because we believe in you more than you can understand but only you can validate that faith so make it happen!