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I remember the day I wrote this to Jason after speaking with him by the gym pool while he was going thru forgettable teenage struggles and a few weeks later he won the first of his two California high school division baseball championships.  I reminded him of the same today to continue to apply to whatever college challenges that exist or may arise (baseball or otherwise) because they will likely turn out to be either forgettable or not as substantive in due time as well.  In looking back, it may have been one of best days of my life with him!
“…So finally here’s the more basic and generic message I wanted him to live with and by.  Until his final moment ends, the tomorrow’s of his life carry the potential to turn out to be the best days of them all, and it matters not whether it does or doesn’t turn out that way!

Importantly, what he does or does not do will have an incremental impact on the chances of them occurring and if he proceeds with “optimism” as I suggest, then he will likely avoid the indecision to do things that ultimately just might work out a lot better for him had he done otherwise.

Moreover, he will start to disregard relying on the easy justification of doing nothing based on the mindset that “nothing will probably come of it”, “there’s not much of a point”, or “it probably won’t matter”, because the way I see it, everything CAN MATTER, since I believe EVERYTHING WORKS OUT one way or another if we just nudge, or downright shove, things along in the right direction!

Oh and when things aren’t going so well at the time, that just means that there is a greater margin for improvement and potential that the next day will feel like ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF HIS LIFE just by the nature of comparison.  At a minimum, it will likely turn out a hell of a lot better than the one before if he releases and let’s go of what did or didn’t happen because then, there will exist a fresh potential and perspective for successful and wonderful new days…”