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While striving for the most optimal changes in my life as I get older, it’s valuable to remind myself of simply doing the following each day:

  • If I can raise my arms, I can easily reach out to give a hug.
  • If I can share a smile, I’m better off doing so given the weight of its impact versus any other expression.
  • If I can still get off the ground, I should jump every once in a while just to temporarily feel the brief sensation of flying and soaring.
  • If I still have a voice, why not “sing my ass off” while listening to a song that captures my emotion?
  • If I can move my legs, why not dance or at least tap my feet to music if moved to do so?
  • If I can speak and my brain still works, I’m going to speak my mind (without needlessly hurting someone) if there is some value in what I have to say.
  • If I feel like I deserve something good, maybe I should make it happen first instead of waiting for karma to find me.
  • If I can bend my legs without too much pain, I should drop to my knees and give thanks to my Lord for giving me another day to add to this great life and that with another, I’ll work to make that life better for me and those around me.
  • Finally, if I can raise my hand above my head, I’ll also point to the Heavens and think “sometimes I may not have acted as God wished but I’m glad to know He never left me”!
  • So in the end, I’ll “let the beauty that I love be what I do”, because you know, I’m just never too old to have it so!