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After watching my dad love me, I hoped one day I’d love my own child too;

When I asked for a child, He decided to give me two;

When I held my sons the first time, I still can’t hold them enough;

I once helped them take their first steps, now they’re faster than me;

When I prayed they’d be healthy, the Lord decided to make them athletes too;

I prayed that they’d be safe, now they stick up for others;

I wanted them to be kind, and now they’re full of compassion;

I hoped that they’d listen to me, now I listen to them;

I shared with them my thoughts, now they think for themselves;

I gave them my best guidance, now they’ve learned to lead others;

I’ve taught them about life, now they know how beautiful it can be;

They’ve changed the world I lived in, now they’re changing their own;

I’ve seen them grow older every day, now it seems they’ve grown up too fast;

And though they know I love them, I doubt they’ll ever know how much;

I was able to give them life, they were able to give me the best of everything;

I see why I wanted to be like my dad, I only wished he was here to see how I did;

I’ve been blessed with two sons, but the miracle was the father they made me;

God rewarded my wish to be a dad like mine, and I know one day my sons will be even better ones. – Joe Dico