And So I Grow


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Each new day that arrives does not add age to my life.  It seamlessly offers opportunities with moments meant to be captured for me:  to take measure of myself, live more peacefully with myself, share more about the best of myself, and at the end of those 1,440 minutes, learn and expand upon what I knew about myself.  With that being so, I will never grow older but just grow! – Joe Dico Continue reading

Choosing The Other Side Of Fear – Thoughts To My Sons


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There is nothing wrong with hesitating, if even for a moment, when faced with something that scares you.  However all I know is there’s no greater pronouncement of “self” than when you say “F it, this is exactly who I am and what I was made for” and then go for it because you know that “I’ve got this”!   You’re my boys and everything you want is just on the other side of each challenge you accept and embark upon because in my mind and heart, I have no doubt that you truly have “got this ” and everything else that you target on your horizon you want to conquer!

With That First Step… – Message To My Sons


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(Boys Overlooking Malibu)

“Sometimes it seems like the odds are that things won’t work out the way you wish they would.  But if the right opportunity presents itself at the right time and you act on it, there’s always a better chance that it well.  Just “act on it” or that opportunity will soon pass and be taken away and what you worried about “not working out” absolutely never had the chance anyway!  Your choice.” – Joe Dico (Dad)