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“Dream big and dare to fail. ” – Norman Vaughan

Boys, at this stage of your young lives and when you begin to think you have done all you can do and reached the ceiling and outer boundaries of what you can achieve, please  ablige your father’s belief in you and do the following:

Explore, discover, and create more with what has not been found by going deeper into your caves because what you will uncover for yourself will likely surprise, shock, and amaze you by the revelations awaiting within, and what you fear that makes you hesitate to go farther is only an aberration of what likely won’t occur.

Trust me – there is so much more within you waiting to be revealed and you’re so close to it by venturing outside the zones of your comfort and taking those steps because what may not be seen yet is only simple, optimistic decisions and choices away that in hindsight were the best ones to make after all!