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Streaks of thin white clouds
Paint a vast baby blue sky
The brush held by God
Who never wakes up late

With the world’s worries on pause
And the Artist deal at work
Fluorescent yellow, vibrant red, and
Festive orange begin to fill His canvas

Light bursts it’s way into the frame
Unveiling grassy hills, towering trees
And fallen leaves to appear
Amidst all the reborn colors

Endless possibilities brought about
By these superior rays of warmth
Greeting the liveliest moment
Oh, how I love the morning!

By Jason Dicochea

So in addition I’m offering the following quote.  “There’s a sunrise and a sunset everyday.  You can choose to see it OR, you can put yourself in the way of beauty.” – From the film, The Wild.

Seems like an easy choice don’t you think?  Obviously my 18 year-old gets it, at least most of the time other than when he’s too locked into his phone, but who could ask for someone of his age to at least have a more than basic understanding of a sunrises’ importance.  There was a time I forget but never again my friends.  A sunrise and/or a sunset seems to look differently each time I’m fortunate to catch them based on the grand architecture of the heavens, coupled with my ever changing moods, emotions, and perception at the time I see them, and how I feel after I adopt them and incorporate them into my mind, heart and soul.  They just seem too valuable to miss or ignore, but then again that’s just me and Jason.  However I’m sure we’re not alone in this regard but it’s always nice to be reminded every once in awhile of something that seems so obvious but oftentimes can get overshadowed amongst the pace of our days.  Just something to think about.