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(Redondo High School Senior Sea Hawks D1 Baseball Commits:  Conor Riley – Long Beach State; Marco Valenzuela – University of Nevada; Jason Dicochea – University of Santa Clara; Sean Reynolds – Rice University.  Photo by Marcos mom Amanda)

Originally Posted January, 2015 and modified for this post

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” ~ Michael Jordan

Now think about you want.  Now think about how you’re fully capable of getting it.  Now think about what you are willing to do better than others to get it first.  You can’t have anything unless you do a lot more than JUST THINK about it.  Oh and while you’re still trying to decide, someone’s probably already doing it and maybe even better, leaving you to race from behind for something that should have belonged to you in the first place.  I don’t know about you but that thought alone would piss me off!  Then again, that’s just me and what do I know (brain injury and all)?

So in thinking about the thoughts outlined above, I’ll end asking you to remember what I’ve told you many times before:  Great things that happen, along with anything resembling greatness for yourselves, is not achieved by accident.  You have to work hard not only with the gifts God has provided, the ones you discover that you initially didn’t understand, and to overcompensate for the ones He didn’t provide.  I guess you’ve just been fortunate to have me as your Dad to constantly point it out and remind you which I’m sure you’ll do one day for your children!